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Animal models

  • Diabetes, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome models

  • Systemic hypertension, pulmonary hypertension, restenosis models

  • Arythmia, heart failure, myocardial infarct models

  • Digestive motor disorders models (adult and newborn), intestinal inflammation diseases and obesity

  • Acute and chronic asthma models Induced by acarids or ovalbumin

  • Duchenne muscular dystrophy and Muscular atrophy model

Metabolic functions

  • Glucose and insulin homeostasis: Glycemia, insulinemia, glucose tolerance test and insulin sensitivity

  • Lipids homeostasis: FPLC lipoprotein profiles, lipids and enzyme activity measurements (CETP, LCAT, MTP, PLTP), cholesterol absorption (campesterol/lathosterol ratio) and circulating bile acid concentrations by GC-MS

  • Postprandial lipemia

Vascular functions

  • In vivo: echo-doppler, telemetric measurement of arterial pressure, pulmonary arterial pressure, acute vasoreactivity

  • Ex vivo: contractility assays (human, mouse and rat intact and permeabilized arteries)

  • In vitro: cytoskeleton organization, migration, proliferation, apoptosis on vascular cell models

Cardiac functions

  • In vivo: Echocardiography, ECG and catheter-mediated intracardiac recording

  • Ex vivo: Isolated working heart, myocardial biopsies and papillary muscles

  • In vitro: patch-clamp in heterogonous expression systems or cardiomyocytes,action potential in cardiac tissues

Pulmonary functions

  • Respiratory testing: Pulmonary resistance and compliance measurements

  • Assessment of inflammation: Broncho-alveolar lavages, lung dissection and pathology

Motor functions

  • Healthy, myopathic, denervated or old animals

  • Muscular models: edl (extensor digitorum longus), heart, solear, diaphragm, tibialis anterior

  • Pharmacology, genic and cellular therapy

Digestives functions

  • In vivo: measurement of gastrointestinal-colonic transit, gastric emptying and paracellular and/or transcellular intes tinal permeability

  • Ex vivo: measurement of contractility in chamber organ bath and its regulation by the digestive nervous system Enteric nervous system (primary culture, phenotype and neurotoxicity)


  • Evaluation of therapeutic potential of compounds in MM and MCL Cell Lines

  • Sub-cutaneous xenograft mouse models