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We provide unique expertise to pharmaceutical, biotech companies, and research institutions who wish to evaluate in vitro and in vivo the clinical potential of drug candidates for

Hematological Malignancies





In vitro exploration


Evaluation of therapeutic potential of compounds in MM and MCL Cell Lines

  • Expertise of antitumor activity of compounds 
  • Determination of IC50/LD50 value
  • Comparison of efficacy to that of approved drugs


Dissection of cellular mechanisms induced by compounds

  • Signaling pathways
  • Characterization of cell death
  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Phenotype analysis
  • Identification of biomarkers associated with compound responses


Identification of the best combination with approved drugs

  • Determination of the synergistic or additive potential effect of novel therapeutic agents with conventional therapeutic agents



Our cell lines are characterized for:


  • Response to conventional and innovative therapeutic agents
  • Global gene expression profile
  • Whole exome sequencing
  • …       



In vitro assays available as standard – others upon request

  • Cell survival assay (MTT assay, CellTiterGlo assay…)
  • Cell proliferation assay (Alamar Blue assay, Thymidine assay…)
  • Clonogenic growth assay
  • Cell death assay cytometry (Annexin V assay, Apo2.7 assay, Caspase assay)
  • Cellular mechanisms (qPCR, Western Blot analysis…)
  • Antibodies effectiveness (ADCC assay, CDC assay)
  • Custom cell based assays



In vitro Models

  • A collection of Multiple Myeloma (MM) Cell Lines (n=30)
  • A collection of Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL) Cell Lines (n=10)
  • Primary Hematologic cancer cells (coming soon)




In vivo exploration


Evaluation of therapeutic potential in xenograft models

  • Assessment of drug efficacy using a panel of xenograft MM mouse models recapitulating the MM heterogeneity in immunodeficient mice
  • Mouse models development for hematologic cancers



In vivo follow-up, end-points and characterization of drug efficacy:

  • Tumor volume measurement
  • Monitoring clinical parameters (health status, behavior monitoring, reaction of treatment, weight evolution…)
  • Samples for subsequent studies (e.g. serum, blood, tumor tissue)
  • Tumor tissue analysis (Western Blot, qPCR)


In vivo Models 

  • Sub-cutaneous xenograft mouse models                                
  • Disseminated mouse models in development